Your mouth is going to love you!

Pretty YUM Flavors


Apple Pie

filled with fresh apples, cinnamon, and coriander   

Chocolate Overload

lightly flavored chocolate macaron shells filled with a decadent chocolate ganache

Cookies and Cream

filled with a crumble from those famous chocolate and cream filled cookies we all  know and love             

*not gluten free

Key Lime Pie

filled with fresh key lime curd topped off with basic buttercream and graham cracker crumble

*not gluten free


filled with fresh fruit lemon curd 

Mint Chocolate

lightly flavored chocolate macaron shells filled with chocolate ganache and a creme de menthe inside 

Peaches and Cream

 filled with delicious peach preserves surrounded by  basic buttercream  

Pumpkin Cream Cheese

 filled with a creamy pumpkin and cream cheese icing pleasantly spiced to perfection  

Pumpkin Spice

 lightly spiced macarons shells filled with  pumpkin butter surrounded by  pumpkin spiced buttercream 

Raspberry Rose

filled with a lovely raspberry jam with the perfect hint of rose water

Red Velvet

bold red shells flavored with the best  dutch cocoa and filled with a perfect cream cheese buttercream 

* add red velvet cake cube  - not gluten free 


filled with a smooth chocolate ganache, mini mellows  and graham cracker crumble topped with a chocolate ganache drizzle and  more graham cracker  crumble 

*not gluten free

Pretty Yum Flavors


Salted Caramel

filled with a handmade  chewy caramel  topped with  sea salt flakes 

Spiced Buttercream

filled with an Italian buttercream spiced with cinnamon, crystallized ginger, nutmeg, clove and all spice

Strawberries and Cream

filled with freshly made strawberry curd surrounded by a basic buttercream  

Strawberry Lemonade

filled with a fresh fruit strawberry and lemon homemade curd


filled with fresh fruit strawberry curd 

Vanilla Bean

natural vanilla bean flavored shells filled with vanilla bean buttercream 


filled with fresh fruit blueberry curd 

Creative Yum Thing

combine any 2  PYT available flavors that are yummy to you

-flavors subject to change seasonally-

* - indicates not gluten free products